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26-11-2013 23:25:25, mallorca
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This, as the vicar said to the choirboy, is going to be a long one.
First of all, why the hell are you thinking about staying in Patong at all! It truly is the epicenter of the fundament of Asia; I used to think that title was held by Pattaya, but Patong makes Pattaya look like Monaco in comparison. I went here in expectation of fun and frolics, but was badly misled. the joint is indescribably vile, squalid and ugly, as are most of the visitors. Restaurant menus and 7-11s have signs in Russian. This is never a good indicator of classiness.
HOWEVER….I lucked out by booking the BYD Lofts. Was expecting three guests, but one chickened-out, so had a two-bedroom apartment for two of us. It is, beyond a doubt, the nicest apartment I've ever stayed in. Private lift, furnished like a set fro Architectural Digest, big balcony, three huge-screen TVs, brilliant aircon…all beyond expectations or criticism. The staff are sweet and helpful, and the place is situated well away from the Seventh Level of Hell that is the centre, in a little enclave of its own. The restaurant and bar are nice, and there are pleasant no-happy-ending massage places ten paces away from the front door.
The Lofts wouldn't be out of place in California or Paris, but would cost ten times as much. I could cheerfully live in this apartment.
I cannot recommend it highly enough….should you be unfortunate enough to end up in Patong in the first place. The rooftop pool is small but more than adequate, and saves the squalor of the beach.
One caveat: don't hire a car at reception. Use Budget, and book online.
Santiago B
04-07-2013 07:54:20, Madrid,
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“Excellent hotel with excellent staff”

The room was amazing. Technology and comfort on all sides.
We were just married and the hotel upgrade our room.
The staff was very helpful, both at reception and in the restaurant.
The hotel situation is good, with many services around.
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