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04-11-2013 09:26:42, Abu Dhabi
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“Thank you Hans”

The hotel is new, stylish and clean. I loved it and I can't imagine staying anywhere else in Phuket. The architect and designer of this hotel deserve our admiration. The hotel does not have a spa or fitness center but the beauty, spaciousness and comfort of the apartments more than make it up. The swimming pool is small but lovely. The breakfast was delicious. For lunch and dinner, you may want to eat outside.
The hotel is located in a nice and quite small alley that is a five minutes walk from Patong Beach. The Bangla Road (for nightlife) is fifteen minutes walk or five minutes by taxi. The one-way taxi fare is 200 Bahts.
There is construction in the alley where the hotel is located but that is not a problem at all since the hotel has sound-proof windows.
House keeping does a good job cleaning the rooms on a daily basis.
The only issue that I faced was with the Thai junior and middle managers. They were so inflexible. No matter what I would ask, the answer would be no. For instance, the hotel provides you with 4 delicious coffee capsules on a daily basis. If you consume them and need a 5th, they would say you need to pay 40 Baht for every additional capsule. If your airplane is taking off later during the day, they will not extend complimentary late check-out even when the hotel occupancy is not 100%. They will even lie and tell you to leave at 12 as a customer has booked your room. They are short-sighted and do their best to ensure you will never be back.
Luckily for us, the hotel owner, Hans, is often at the hotel. He is a true gentleman and a professional hotelier. He is someone I could communicate with. He is understanding and reasonable and thinks "win-win&quo t;. Thank you Hans.
One more tip: Avoid making any commitment to any tailor in Phuket. This will end up consuming a lot of your holiday time in terms of fittings and going back and forth.
In summary, I fully recommend this hotel. This is a classy property and I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Phuket.
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