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04-11-2013 09:29:15, Oslo
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“Family friendly and super service”

This summer I stayed with family, because I wanted them to experience the best of Asia and the best place to stay. beyond your dreams BYD.Lofts my teenage daughter and her friend told me, so I was very happy that they felt at home and the care the staff gave these teenagers was also the very best . We love the suite with big space and many bedroom .
Safety first is one of my goals in life, and with teenagers in the family always on the moves, only the very best people can take care of your children, and the Super lovely staff made our stay like a happy dream, BYD.lofts are the correct choice for family too, I am impressed and thank you all at this Paradise, BYD. lofts. We will be back.
Good Buddha bless you all for your big harts and kindness, thanks.
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