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04-11-2013 09:32:10, Sydney
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“The service made the difference”

BYD Lofts were not my first choice but after receiving very poor service from a larger nearby designer hotel I cancelled and book last minute with BYD. From the moment the car collected us at the airport the service provided by the staff at BYD was excellent. BYD is located in a quiet Soi with very little traffic so it made for a peaceful break, the downside for me was the hotel pool, being a smaller rooftop pool it's not the same as what you get at bigger resorts but that would be the only drawback - the beach is only a 5 min walk away and plenty of space to swim there. I don't usually eat too often in the hotel restaurants where I stay but ended up having a meal there at least once a day - food was good and service was their normal top rate.
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