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05-11-2013 04:39:35, Seoul
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“perfect escape from the crowded area of Patong”

I visited Patong Beach for two days before moving onto other parts of Thailand and was happy to discover BYD Lofts. It is located just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the area to provide a perfect escape to relax while still being within walking distance to the beach, nightlife, shopping etc. The lofts are spacious,clean and comfortable and there is nothing I could find fault with.We enjoyed the 4th floor pool and the ground floor bar and restaurant a couple of times. Above all, I would commend the staff, which really does make the greatest difference in the end. Everyone at the hotel offered us a warm welcome and greeted alll our queries with a sincere willingness to help. I look forward to visiting BYD the next time I am in Phuket and that sums up my review based on my first experience there.
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