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07-11-2013 04:18:50, Nashville, Tennessee
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“Customer Service Amazing!”

My finace traveled to Phuket for vacation and was arriving at the BYD Lofts; I wanted to surprise him with a note and a bottle of wine in his room upon his arrival. After several emails and a few phone calls, the Reservations Manager, Alex Bessers, was able to make it all happen for me!! Mr. Alex even sent me a photo.

We arranged for payment via email; my card had originally declined, however when I called the lofts, the desk clerk told me Mr. Alex had left for the evening. The desk clerk was so friendly, spoke decent English and was able to help me fix the card situation.

Iv never stayed at the BYD Lofts, but from the customer service they provided me from accross the world, I would definitely recommend on that alone!
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