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13-11-2013 06:09:00, singapore
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“It's simply the best place to stay in Patong !”

Thank you to the staffs of BYD Lofts for another perfect stay n excellent service !
We always enjoy our stays here and I've lost count the no of times we stayed here.
The rooms are very well spacious very clean n well maintained ,furnished with modern comforts.
The designer kitchen is well stocked with crockery , utensils...
There bed has the probably the most comfortable mattress n pillows in Phuket!
The towels are new n thick !
Room service was prompt n food was delicious!
Sound proofing is really great , close the balcony sliding door n all the noise in the world is gone at once. Not that it's located in a noisy area , it's quiet street actually.

Beach is only a 5 minutes walk away , shopping mall Junceylon is about a 15mins walk away.
The hotel it's surrounded by 24 hr convenient stores, massages spas, small eateries n seafood stores .

The hotel offers transfers to the nearby mall in their new Mercedes for baht 200.
Tuk tuk n local taxi services costs the same from the mall !

We have already booked our room for our December trip to Phuket again.
It's simply the best place to stay ! We love it !
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