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25-12-2013 23:27:39,
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“Boutique luxury in the heart of Patong”

From the outset, BYD offered plenty of enticements. A better rate for booking early and a minimum of 5 nights. (We were lucky enough to receive the better rate for the whole of our stay, despite butting up against the more expensive Christmas period. A few quick emails between the hotel and I saw it get sorted.) Free Wi-Fi and free transfer from the airport in a Mercedes-Benz CLS (which wasn't actually there, turns out the driver was late, more on that later).

The hotel was pretty darn good; definitely a serviced apartment vibe compared to a full service hotel, but the rooms are much bigger, well appointed and reasonably maintained. You could still order food and drink to the pool like a resort and the restaurant and bar were top notch.

Whilst initially not believing me that their driver wasn't at the airport (language difficulty) to pick me up, they asked me to wait until the hotel manager had a chance to debrief the driver. But a few days later they made good and offered the CLS to take us back to the airport free of charge.

100m from the beach, 300m from party central on Bangla Rd, I wouldn't hesitate recommending this hotel to anyone wishing to stay in Patong. The BVLGARI amenities pack was a nice touch too.
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