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04-01-2014 04:58:59, Seattle, WA
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“Luxurious stay in Patong”

If you want to stay in the heart of Patong, you won't find a nicer place than BYD. Excellent service, high tech, modern, clean place with plenty of room for comfort. Also very nice that they pick you up from the airport which is about 45 min away from the hotel.

We are currently staying at BYD on the 5th floor and it's set on a nice quiet street convenient to taxi and laundry services.

Car services through BYD are a bit expensive, try using the taxi service right next door to the BYD building that is across the street from the main building with the restaurant.

Beach is within walking distance, but keep in mind Patong Beach is crowded. If you are visiting Phuket for nightlife and convenient access to activities and the city, this is the only place I would stay. If you are looking for quiet beach time, I would look into something like Le Meridien which has it's own private beach but is away from the city area.

All in all, if being close to the action is what you want, and you're looking for high end, BYD is the place to stay!
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