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Dave Groves
19-01-2011 05:49:00,
United States of America OS Browser
I would like to make a comment; having stayed at BYD 3-times I must mention that you have a great group of employees, front desk, housekeepers, tech support and restaurant. They are all very professional and so polite. It makes staying at BYD an additional pleasure.

I filled out a questionnaire when I departed last week stating that everyone was terrific. However, you have 1-employee that towers above all others. I feel so embarrassed that I can never remember her name. Many times she is not wearing a name tag, but, by now, I should have her name implanted in my mind. She is shown on your internet site. She now has a desk near the elevator but still covers the front desk at times. She always has a beautiful smile and is so helpful on all matters. I stay in many hotels in America and other countries but have never encountered a hotel employee that is her equal. She has assisted me with billing matters, tech help as well as airline bookings. Whatever she is being paid I assure you she is worth more. I would be tempted to visit BYD if only to see her. I hope the owners of BYD appreciate her value. She is magnificent!!
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