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Geir J. Dalland
03-03-2011 07:24:00,
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Dear Alex, I am safe back home in cold and dark Norway now.

I am sorry I did not thank you in person Alex, for the very nice and friendly service you and your superb staff gave me and my friends at your place.

I have traveled a lot but this is the most relaxing and smiling place I have ever lived.

I am honored to stay with you and everything was perfect for me.

The location, the roof pool with cool fresh water for my morning swim, the nice massage from Noi the specialist on neck accident that I have for 7 years, I feel better already, the room service, the fast and clever cleaning, the safety staff. The quality of food and drink and caring from your smart employee. The super fast dry cleaning service impressed me also a lot, In Norway they use 3 days to clean a suit and a shirt. You did it in 2 hours and 45 min. No kidding.

Also very nice for me that the price for this kind of high level service and food and drink is so decent and really give a lot of value for money.

Please give my love and respect to your wonderful hard working staff, that made my stay like a dream. Room 402 was perfect for me also.

Thank you Alex.

Best regards and I really wish to visit your magic place again soon, if you let me be so lucky.

Thank you so very much to you and your clever staff Alex.

See you all again soon,I wish.

Best regards
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