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“The Only Place to Stay in Patong!!”

I'm really conflicted here. I have vacationed in Patong 5-times over the last 2-years. The first 2-stays were OK, accommodation wise, however I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing someplace better. Searching for better digs on many, many sights over many weeks I then found, researched and decided to try a new, interesting sounding place called BYD Lofts. The pictures and descriptions of the place looked very nice, but you never really know until you stay at a place.

I stayed at BYD Lofts for 15-nights, from December 25, 2009 thru January 10, 2011.

Now.....My conflict is that I'd really like to keep this place to myself. I'd really hate for it to become hard to get a reservation the next time I travel to Patong. On the other hand, I have stayed at many hotels and resorts over the years that, if I'd read a descriptive negative review, I wouldn't have stayed and, if I'd read a strong positive review of another place I might have stayed instead. I've never written a hotel review before, pro or con. In good conscience I have to reward the owners, staff and the facility itself and inform others of this treasure by shaking my laziness and writing my first review.

Let me tell you, I have never stayed anywhere that comes close to equaling BYD Lofts!!!!!

BYD's (I don't really know what to call BYD, as it's much more than a hotel) location in Patong is about a 10-15 minute walk north of the heavy nightlife and noise of Bangla Road and a 5-minute walk from the beach. It's on what I'd call a type of cul-de-sac. It is a very quiet and peaceful location. I absolutely love this sort of "out of the way, yet in the middle of everything" location. It is a beautiful 5-story building; "chic & trendy" is exactly what I'd call its appearance.

The moment you enter the open-air lobby you are greeted by a beautiful, friendly staff member who first makes sure that you receive a cool, refreshing drink. I will not be able to adequately describe how wonderful this first impression is!! Beautiful smiles on beautiful female staff, offering you a cool drink before smoothly checking you in and handing you your door pass. After a 24-hour trip from San Francisco it is an absolute oasis!! Whether it's the lovely, lead staff woman Kek or another of the equally fantastic staff ladies, I guarantee you that you'll put your travels behind you from that moment on.

Once you enter your room you will know that this is more than you really could have expected. The large living room with huge L-shaped couch, large screen TV, full sized kitchen with large refrigerator, very large bedroom (I must note that I stayed in a 1-bedroom unit), large bathroom, huge balcony with large table and chairs for 4-people (outside the 1-bedroom units) all make you feel at ease. You are able to rent movies directly from your TV remote. The maid service is excellent! The rooms have many windows that make them very well lit.

Next to the lobby there is a full restaurant and bar. The food is excellent. They offer room service. The staff here is just as wonderful as the hotel staff.

I had the most wonderful vacation ever at the BYD Lofts. So much so that I have now stayed 2-more times in August/September 2010 & December 2010/January 2011. I am also booked for August/September 2011 and December 2011/January 2012.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to vacation anywhere else.

I have used the staff to book air travel and make reservations at other restaurants. They could not be more accommodating. By the way, BYD is a 10-minute walk from, what I consider to be, the best high-end restaurant in Patong, The 9th Floor. Try the Salmon, it's great (and I live in San Francisco). Also, there's a wonderful coffeehouse/sandwich
shop 1 minute from the BYD.

The only problems I've ever had is, 1)-with the internet and the front desk quickly sent a tech to my room who fixed it immediately and, 2)- they replaced the refrigerator while I was out and I wasn't even aware that there had been a problem.
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