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04-04-2011 07:22:00, Miami
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“My stay was outstanding, thank you BYD!”

I just want to say...that I usually don't post reviews, but my vacation was really soo much more enjoyable because of the staff and management at BYD lofts.

When I checked in I was greeted by smiles, and a nice welcome cocktail. I was very surprised when I got to my room and saw how nice and spacious it was. There was even an ipod docking station so I can listen to my favorite music! I didn't think I would get a break from my children, but they even had a baby sitting service, which I must mention...they were also outstanding! We ordered room service, and as soon as I got out of the shower, the food was ready! smilie

I can't wait to go back to Phuket, and BYD Lofts!

oh, also BYD is very close to the beach and close to the bangla road, which is where most of the nightlife is...I must say I was very pleased with this hotel.
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