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24-04-2011 04:52:00,
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"A Hotel To Feel At Home"

We stayed 4 months at BYD Lofts. This should already tell all about the quality and the performance of the place and its management. Rooms are all nice and very spacy. Of course clean and perfectly equipped. Internet is free. There are large balconies which is not common in Asia.

The premises are well kept, the location central and very convenient. You don't need a car when you stay there.
The restaurant is beautifully arranged, airy and the food is best value for money in Patong Beach. It has class and style without being high priced.

Management, Alex, Hans, Jay and all staff are seriously caring about your well being. You cannot ask for more. The place is unique, even if some competitors try now to copy.

Besides nice rooms, you also need the atmosphere that makes you feel at ease and like at home. Nobody else has that in Phuket.
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