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03-06-2010 06:03:00,
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“We will certainly return; great hotel.”

First of all, I read the two reviews that gave a 2 star rating; I think these reviewers must have stayed at a different establishment ... clearly those reviews did not describe the BYD Lofts where we stayed. We had a one-BR flat. It was perfect. The photos truly depict our apt, #302. Huge balcony, large kitchen -- we did not cook, but the space was nice. The wireless was a little shaky, but when we called, the attendant came right up and got us on a reliable wireless. The staff were always smiling and always helpful. Some reviews indicated there was no restaurant, but there is now. We just had breakfast (which was perfect at B250); the menu looked excellent, but we can eat in very nice restaurants at home, so we opted for the more authentic street cafe a block away (Friendly's) where we ate each night. I would certainly recommend this hotel/apt to anyone and will definitely return here. A note: if you're looking for the beautiful Phuket beach scenes, Patong might be your place. But, if you're looking for an endless assortment of restaurants and shops and nightlife, go here; you can take day trips to the idyllic spots and return to Patong for the evening.

Oh yeah, the rooftop pool was perfect...
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