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02-12-2009 05:00:00,
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“An Exceptional Property in Phuket”

This is my 3rd tripadvisor review for a Phuket property; though I have stayed in many more including Royal Paradise, the Holiday Inn and other major chains on the island. BYD Lofts is now by far my preferred choice (as a busines/ leisure traveller).

I stayed on the 3rd floor in a one bedroom apartment. It was airy, spacious, chic and extremely well designed. Furthermore it was comfortable and functionable i.e. style never came at the expense of substance. I had some business guests visit and all were understandably impressed.

To reiterate what others have said, its a 5 minute walk to the beach and a 10-15 minute walk to Bangla road. There are several open court restaurants a 3 minute walk away where you can get fresh local food for around $5. The restaurant on the ground floor is owned independently by a Belgium couple Jean Pierre and Bridgette (?); I didn't have the opportunity to eat there though reports from other guests were positive. I did have some drinks there (twice) and prices were reasonable and appropriate for the venue.

I was welcommed on arrival with a cool towel and fresh orange juice from the Manager Peter, a lovely chap. Other staff were outstanding. For example, I spilt a beer on the kitchen floor one night and used the tea towel to clean it up. My tailor was visiting 5 minutes after and I was a bit embarrassed so I hid the towel near the a/c unit around the back of the wrap around balcony. I forgot about it and then remembered the next day expecting a 90% chance the staff had missed it (it was well hidden). But no, the towel was gone and a freshly scented one was in my kitchen drawer. It wasn't a purposeful test of housekeeping though I was suitably impressed.

I went to the pool area one day (on 4F) and it was georgeous and the water was warm, though I didn't get the chance to swim. If I had been there on holiday undoubtably I would have used it a lot; it had a cool waterfall that helped you feel a million miles away from the madness of Phuket. BTW, no problems with noise during day or at night as the hotel is in a cool sidestreet.

One problem was the hotel directory advised that breakfast was available in the restaurant from 6.30am though this is no longer the case. However the Sandwich Shop is around a 60m walk away; its full of expats and served great coffee and breakfast and of course sandwiches at good prices and open from 8am.

By room, the bathroom was oustanding with a funky chef's kitchen door to the entrance, an outstanding rain and front shower etc etc; you couldn't get a better bathroom. The bedroom had a decent bed, ample storage space, private safe and desk well positioned for me to leave my laptop (free fast wifi on-site). The lounge area felt like home and open designed to the kitchen - about 90 tv channels IIRC (maybe 60 were Thai). The kitchen was sumptuous. Again I didn't have the chance to cook though as an ex-restauranteur I checked and all the gadgets were there. The balcony was large and outstanding. I worried about privacy given some past comments on tripadvisor though personally I found the outlook charming.

All in all, an outstanding property and now my preferred choice in Phuket. I have previously used tripadvisor a lot in selecting properties and am grateful for others' contributions; I hope this report is satisfactory. You can read my other reviews but to summarise it you need a cheap good value place then go to Kelly's Hotel; if you need romantic beachfront accommodation then I can recommend Baan Norbert; if you need a business residence or simply crave the best of European design, then choose BYD. It's not cheap, but I found it great value.

Last comment; I went to Phuket to research dental tourists who have work done there motivated by time or cost savings for example. I'm a University researcher and would love to hear from you if either you've been there or considering going there for dental treatment. Regards, Pete.
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