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25-06-2011 07:00:00, Sidney
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“Home away from home, wouldn't want to stay anywhere else...”

I was searching for a 2 bedroom apartment online for my short break in Phuket. Having stayed in a lot of places in Australia and across Europe, I developed expectations which aren't easily met.
I don't mind spending the extra money, as long as it gets me what I paid for.
BYD Lofts 2 bedroom apartment did just that. And more !
Clean, modern and specious premises, together with superb food, prompt and efficient service and most importantly friendliest staff I have EVER came across, have now made BYD Lofts the only place I will stay at when I go to Phuket.
From the moment I made the reservation, till the time I checked out, the level of communication and efficiency of their service was above expectations.
I have no hesitation recommending this place to anyone, from a single traveller to a family, looking to spend their time in Phuket in style & comfort.
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