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17-10-2011 07:00:44, Bangkok
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“Stay here and you will never want to leave!”

Everything about this place is WOW~~!! Living in Bangkok, I have to opportunity to spend many weekends a year in Phuket and trust me, I've tried every level of hotel on the island. From the super-cheap $20 per night to the luxury beachfront hotels. BYD Lofts hits the sweet spot like no other hotel on the island. The rooms are huge, well-maintained, clean, and the housekeeping staff is really pleasant and efficient. I especially love the big kitchen and the outside balcony, but the TV system is great with dock for iPod and the beds are comfortable with lots of pillows! The shower is pretty cool too, with the rain-style showerheads.

Other pluses are the great staff especially at reception, but also in the restaurant, everyone is friendly here. The food is good with some good options, and if you get a coupon book when you check-in you can take advantage and get some some deals on food and drinks. The wine shop downstairs couldn't be better located, and the little sandwich shop up the street is the best on the island, been going there long before I found BYD. Also, the swimming pool is small but fun, just remember that the sun gets blocked out by a high-rise around 2pm. Also to add, the safe is great since it fits a macbook easily, not really that I worry about that since the security is quite good. Free coffee/tea, but go buy water nearby, and nicely stocked fridge without outrageous mini-bar prices.

Couple of negatives: no a/c in the bathroom so have to keep the doors open after showers etc, I like how they provide slippers but don't like how they seem to wash them (ie. not new ones each time), still a little expensive during high season but watch for deals on booking sites and you can find 4 nights for the price of 3, or free upgrades, that sort of thing.

One last note, the last time I booked I requested a specific room number since I liked the room from my previous stay, but I was wrong about the number (bad memory you know). However, even before I arrived the management went back to the system to double-check, and moved my reservation to the right room. Nice personal touch.

Can't wait to get back! Thanks BYD Lofts!

Stayed September 2011, traveled solo
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