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23-07-2012 04:30:53, Canberra
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“Fantastic place to stay...”

We stayed for 5 nights in July 2011 with 2 other couples. This place is fantastic, there is everything you could possibly want. We each had a 1 bedroom (100SQ.M) apartment & all 3 were slightly different, beautifully furnished, spacious and spotlessly clean.
Everything to do with this place is to a very high standard - the staff, the service, the food, the decor.
Upon coming or going the staff were always friendly & polite, they were extremely helpful with any enquiry or request.
IT IS about a 10-15 minute walk up to Bangla Road/ Junceylon Mall and about a further 10 minutes to the O Top Markets BUT it doesn't seem that far as there is always something to stop and look at and you can always catch a tuk tuk.
Being slightly further away from Bangla road means less noise at night.
The pool is slightly small but has a great view of Patong.
The restaraunt was great for breakfast and we also had a delicious lunch there too (beautiful and relaxing atmosphere).
There are plenty of massage places, nail saloons and laundries in the same street for great prices.
This was our 6th trip to Patong and our 1st with BYD Lofts, if you want something less like a hotel with more space & staff genuinely interested in wanting you to enjoy your stay then this is the place.
I highly recommend BYD to everyone I can't say one negative word about it.
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