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23-07-2012 22:29:47, toronto
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“Modern stylish living in Patong”

Stayed at BYD Lofts one night after doing a livaboard scuba diving trip to the Similan islands in January 2012. Let me first say that I have travelled abroad and am used to North American standards. Nice finishings, granite materials, stainless steel appliances etc. Upon arriving, I was fortunate to meet Alex, whom I later found out was the managing director, an exceptional gentleman whom was very accommodating and seems to take a very hands on approach which was refreshing as I've run into some communication issues while traveling. Upon leaving our bags for staff to take to our loft, we were shown to our private loft on the 4th floor. Upon entering I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the space. It gave the feel of a custom design from an architectural magazine. Beautiful white granite tiling, remote dimmers, 2 LCD screens (living room and bedroom), full kitchen immaculately designed, nice terrace which has big bay windows that accordion open to create an open air living space, great linens, sunflower shower head, the list goes on. I'd be a proud owner of a beautiful space like this, and highly endorse it's high stylistic design. They thought of everything and all travelers will be more than happy with the room. We did have some issues figuring out the iPod dock that connects to the micro miniature speakers mounted on the ceiling, but one simple call and an engineer was there within minutes to help us solve the problem. Didn't get a chance to try the infinity pool on the roof, but am looking forward to trying the next time I stay in Patong. Only a short walk to the main Bangla street in Patong Beach, its just far enough to be away from the noise and crazyness of the strip. Highly recommended!
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