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Bernie M
25-07-2012 02:01:29, Rockhampton
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Happy Hour at the Bar

Enjoyed a 3 night holiday with my wife and 3 adult daughters in a 2 bedroom apartment. First impressions on arrival at the apartments was very good. Very friendly staff to greet us who were happy to talk to us while we completed check-in procedure. All room facilities were of high standard and housekeeping was prompt, friendly and efficient. Restaurant and bar staff were also very friendly and we enjoyed fantastic food and service. Had one very long night at the bar; stayed well past the end of Happy Hour, encouraged by friendly barmen who had to suffer endless photo oportunities. Wife and daughters had too many cocktails and started siging along with the band (I of course was quite sober). Management took the time to talk to us and made us feel welcome. Would love to have stayed longer.
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