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25-07-2012 09:12:51, Washington
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“Perfect Place to Stay”

I LOVE the BYDLofts!This was by far the best investment I made for my trip to Phuket. It was a full, one bedroom modern apartment with full maid service, room service and a 5 minute walk to Patong Beach. It also had a terrific terrace that extended your living room to the outdoors. The view is not great (mine looked at the BYD LOFTS across the street) but the room completely made up for this lack of view. Besides, it was so close to the beach, I was not in my room much to care about the view.

I am a female that traveled alone and felt completely safe. The reception staff was friendly and helpful. Let me also mention that I received a GREAT deal from the internet. The price definitely made me feel like I won the lottery on this place. If I ever return to Phuket, I will ABSOLUTELY be looking at BYDLofts for my stay.

If I had one complaint, the hotel's driver (they have a car service, which was nice, though you will pay double than for a regular, metered taxi) offered to "take me to the airport early so that he could show me some places to go shopping." After reading a lot about these kinds of offers (and how drivers take tourists to places where they receive a commission), I was a little disappointed with this offer. However, a simple, "no thanks" was all he needed. Do NOT let this deter you from staying here. The hotel is fantastic.
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