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25-07-2012 21:30:35, Brussels
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“A great experience”

I stayed a BYD lofts for 5 nights and six days and i enjoyed it to the maximum extent. Very lovely apartment, airco working well and without disturbing noise, the bed was extremely good, bedlinnen spotless. Comfortable saloon, flashy tv with a wide array of channels. Daily service of the room without flaws. At ground level there is an in-house restaurant with yummy food, comfortable seating, friendly staff that speak very decent English.There is also a wine shop selling beers too, that you can take to your room and store them in the frigde. Swimming pool a bit tiny but that did not preclude me from doing my daily laps.
Alex, the Managing Director, is a friendly person who takes pride of his business, which he conducts with acumen. For those liking to use the Hotel limo, don't hesitate, the Mercedes is a truly splendid car,the driver is patient and prudent.
Don't miss it, as the price is very affordable, the experience is nice. Overall, i was very satisfied, hence every reason to be back at BYD lofts in the future.
Paul in Brussels.
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