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28-07-2012 18:39:16, Las Vegas, Nevada
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“Very nice apartment... but service has room for improvement”

My wife and I just stayed for 5 days at the BYD. It is a lovely property. The location is superb. It has security at night, restaurants and food courts every where. Minutes from the beach, stores, and everything else. The apartment was in modern minimalist style, beautifully decorated. Now for the "room for improvement".... We requested to be picked up by the hotel's Mercedes. The driver came 15 minutes late. A nice man from the taxi stand offered to call our hotel to find out if we are going to be picked up. The apartment did not have a table inside. So it was difficult for me to work on my laptop in the room. The air conditioning unit was quite, but it turned off when you left the room and it did not automatically turn on when you came back. You literally had to turn off the unit and then turn it back on. There were ants in the kitchen. The faucet in the bathroom did not have cold water. We told the management. That same day, the crew came to fix it. However, they came after 3 PM. So my and I literally came back from our tour and had to wait 30 minutes for the maintenance crew to leave our room. The cleaning crew cleaned our room perfectly every time, but they would forget to give us new coffee packets. All of these are small annoyances, but something that is expected from a 5-star location. Probably the biggest disappointment was the tour desk. We came downstairs to ask about tours, and were simply shown a bunch of brochures. We ended up going down the street to a tour agency and purchasing over a $1000 of various tours. Lastly, the hotel's internet connection worked very well. Final thoughts: we would come back again to BYD.
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