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30-07-2012 03:23:04, Hong Kong
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“Large living space, high tech”

We stayed at BYD lofts in November 2011 with 2 units for 4 people. The units were spotless and large (well, at least by Hong Kong standards). The couch is large and comfortable enough to sleep a 6ft man - he said it was a good night of rest. One of the units only had the bathroom/shower in the main bedroom, which would be ok for couples, but in our case, made it a little awkward as the shower was completely see through. Also, although it took a little bit to figure out, just about everything in the unit could be operated through a remote control. This included but was not limited to the air conditioning, window shades, media, and various lighting. Windows to balcony opened ALL the way across - it was like we were sitting outside, but didnt leave the unit! It was a shame we couldn't spend more time there.

The walk to the nightlife and beach were not bad. It was not difficult to catch a tuk tuk or taxi. Staff were helpful and friendly - we were greeted with a refreshing fruit drink on the first night. Pool was super small but nice. It wasn't really clear whether we could order drinks up there though...would have been wonderful. Hotel bar was low key with great staff, mostly just guests of the hotel there for a quick drink. Breakfast at the restaurant was OK, didn't volunteer to eat there more than one morning.

Make sure you print out the hotel voucher. They need it for their records.
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