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02-08-2012 02:43:45, Perth
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“Just great!”

I hate clichés. But Home Away from Home - is the minimum I can say about Loft. Ultra-Modern design, clean, all amenities under one roof including wine shop, very helpful staff not looking in your hands for tips but eagerly want to help. This trip has offered much more than we expected - from King's sister funeral (even Bangla Rd was closed for mourning) to tsunami and Songkramp Festival on last days. And every time we have great support, advise and help from Loft. My favorite - Mercedes coupé on price of tuk-tuk!! Price? It's cheaper than my rent in Perth overcrowded CBD. Place? It’s quiet street 15 minutes walk to Bangla and 5 minutes away from beach.
Thanks Alex! We are looking forward to see you again soon.
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