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04-08-2012 08:57:51, los angeles
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“Great location, excellent service, good pricing”

We stayed here for 6 nights as part of our honeymoon. The staff are so friendly and helpful (language barrier can be challenging, but most are pretty good). It's a short walk to the beach. About 15mins to Bangla road (and trust me, you don't want to stay close to there unless you don't like a quiet sleep at night). It was great to have a kitchen, for that many days I don't like to eat out every meal.

The hotel organized all our tours and at discounted prices. They had lots of great recommendations too (ie restaurants, places to visit, etc).

The pool is nice, but with a beach like Patong, why go there?

Room service is quick and cheap. 299 Baht for a full breakfast, it was enough for the both of us just ordering one.

Restaurant is good. So great to have a wine store right there too. They should add more groceries in there though, like meats & cheeses.

We also got a massage in the room set up by the hotel, I still can't get over how cheap it is!

Only thing missing is a gym. There is one they referred us to down the street, but there is no air conditioning, so in 95 degree heat I felt pretty sick after a 6 mile run.

I would highly recommend and would stay again if I returned to Patong.
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