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06-08-2012 17:44:06, San Luis Obispo, California
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“Perfect place to spend your holiday in Patong Beach”

I would like to start off by saying I was on a two week holiday. I have traveled a lot but never been to an Asian country.

From the moment I stepped in the front lobby at the BYD Lofts, I was greeted with lots of smiles. All of the staff were very well dressed and manicured. I could tell they were trained well. When I made the reservation, and reviewed the photos of the hotel on their website, I wasn't expecting to get what I saw. I was wrong, the rooms are very beautiful and clean. A lot of thought went into the layout as it all flowed very well.

From the quality furnishings to the comfortable bed and the air conditioning was fantastic. I felt pampered.

You learn a lot about a hotel when you talk with the staff. Every person I talked to loved their job and said they were taken care of. They treated me with respect, and I thus treated them back equally. Anywhere you go and see a staff member, they are always busy, and that I probably why the hotel is so well maintained.

I also had the pleasure of talking with Hans (the owner) and he seems to be a success story in himself, and successful business creates a pleasant environment.

The location was perfect, in a quiet neighborhood, 5 minutes walk to the beach or downtown.

I have nothing bad to say about my stay and I highly recommend BYD Lofts.
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