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Peter D
06-08-2012 17:50:30, Melbourne
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“BYD stands for-Beyond Your Dreams”

I stayed at BYD Lofts in April 2012 in a 100sq Apartment and it's got to be the most impressive Apartments available in Patong.
The moment you walk in the room you feel like this is going to be a great holiday. Awesome is the only word to describe the Apartments, as I was shown through my apartment I was just thrilled with everything I was seeing. Everything is so "big", big lounge suite, big bed, big plasma, big kitchen, bedroom and bathroom!! It even had a big outside balcony and dining setting for breakfast or dinner and drinks.
The whole place was spotlessly clean and had really nice touches like towels folded up into the shape of little elephants sitting on the bed. It's the extra little details along with the big details that set this place apart from other hotels I've stayed in.
There was a private pool on the roof with a view, very secluded, and if you're like me, feel like reading a good book there are big lounges to lay on in between jumping in to cool off for a quick dip.
The entire hotel looks clean, brand new and has that "Chic" factor they claim in their advertisement, from the front desk to the restaurant and bar it's all very impressive.
So if you're dreaming of a great Asian holiday in Patong, this place may well make your holiday become Beyond Your Dreams!

It certainly did for me!!

Thank you to Alex and all his staff, great people, great business.
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