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Robert W
10-08-2012 00:14:15, Hallidays Point
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“First class all the way”

This was my second visit to BYD lofts and although its been 5yrs, absolutely nothing had deminished in service or quality of room. I stayed in a single bedroom unit (suitable for 2 adults) and it wanted for nothing. I'm a coffee lover and knew their kitchens were equiped with Nespresso machines (same as home), So I travelled with my own coffee flavour and had my fix everyday. Its the little things that make the difference from a good time to a great memory and one that will make me return again. A big thanks to all the staff as there were no outstanding ones, just everyone. From the pool man to the manager who personally returned a computor memory stick to me (that I carelessly left in the room) whilst I awaited my hire car return trip to the airport.
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