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Ameettaapp M
10-08-2012 03:41:44,
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“BYD lofts really understand what "Boutique " means.”

Before I start my review I would like to say that the one's who wrote a negative or unsatisfied review about this excellent place are probably very unhappy people in their life's ! and will complain always and anywhere

I'm coming already more then 10 years to Patong and as being an hotelier by myself, owning 18 ( 4 & 5 star ) Boutique hotels and resorts around the world , ( a shame not yet in Phuket ) but I can tell you what Guest satisfaction is and means
and this they understand this very well at the BYD Lofts.

That's the reason why I only want to stay at the BYD Lofts, I can tell you siriously about the quality and the service that the BYD Lofts provide you and what you get for what you pay deserves all respect.

This is my 10th. or 11th. Stay in the past 5 years at the BYD Lofts and I can guarantee you that you not will be disappointed with this property ! This boutique hotel is a very nice, clean and great place, very close to the beach so please stop with writing this negative nonsense !

My wife and myself just had a another 2 week stay again at the BYD Lofts, and with their very committed staff we had a perfect holiday once more . Thailand is well known for the special service given to their guests, but BYD Lofts took this to a new level. Every of our needs is always met and mostly even exceeded, both by the owners and their staff.

The rooms are well appointed and large, with nice modern furniture, large kitchens and specious balconies. The dining at their beautiful restaurant is a great pleasure. Any of the preceding reviewers that complained about this hotel ...are UNREALISTIC.

BYD Lofts is an inexpensive place to stay if you compare to what you would pay for the same quality, service and style anywhere in the world !

Stay there, and you will likely find yourself a big fan of what the BYD Lofts have to offer you ! once again as an hotelier I highly recommend this place to all and everyone !
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