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06-09-2012 23:02:07, Orange County, CA
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“The only place to stay...”

Reading the many reviews, what can I really say. My friend and I rented a two bedroom suite...couple of crazy guys from California...not many of our kind that far away for sure. We were on a four country asian tour so stopping in Thailand was a must see. Depending on what you are there four, 5 days seemed like plenty...not sure we could have survived much more.

Everything at BYD was modern, clean, Mini bar prices are very reasonable, staff was great, bar and resturant are great. I got to sit and talk with one of the owners Hans a few mornings after some long nights, great guy and knows how to run an operation. As others have said, this really is an ideal location in that the beach is to the left and the crowded bars to the right. This puts you in a nice quiet location that is kept clean and free of distractions. If you have not been to Phuket, this is the place to stay so you can relax from all the action. I really liked a cute girl named Amy in the bar...great smile and On at the front desk...but really, everyone was as cool as could be and always nice and polite. Chi is the hotel driver and this guy took us all over the place at very reasonable prices...always there, good guy, and helped make it a good trip.

Writing about Phuket is a whole other blog for sure. Interesting place to party, hit the beach, and more women than you could ever imagine...could not imagine high season! We went and watched some Thai boxing and also went a place called Fantasea...I would say the Fantasea show is a must, book the VIP dinner and get there a little earlier than they say as this is like a small theme park. Nice show with magic and will not believe how big the place is.

If you go, BYD is an excellent choice and you won't be disappointed. Thanks again to Hans for being a cool guy to talk with every morning and his great staff.
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