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10-09-2012 03:27:24, Mumbai
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“BYD Lofts - Decent stay”

We stayed at BYD Lofts for 4 nights last week. We were 2 couples & had booked 2 apartments. At the time of booking we were suggested by the hotel that they would give us 2 apartments with connecting doors. However, at checkin, the connecting door apartments were not available. Not that it was such a critical issue.
We had booked the hotel van for airport transfer, and was smooth.
The stay was pretty good. The apartments were very well furnished, and comfortable. The kitchen was well-equiped. The bed was very comfortable, amongst the best I've seen.
And there was a "lounge chair", which was such a pleasure to be in.
The only thing I found not to my liking was the way the toilet block was arranged. The sink area was "in the bedroom". The shower & toilet were 2 cubicles in the bedroom. And they were the size of an airline toilet. Rather unconventional, and too small for an apartment of 650 sq ft size. To mask the size of the toilet, the walls were mirrored on your left & right side. This gave a very amusing feeling that you were siiting on the pot with a hundred people to your left & right !! Also, if one of us had to use the toilet in the night, the lights would be very disturbing, as almost the whole bedroom would get lit up!
But apart from these minor issues, the stay was really very good. Conveniences were closeby. The hotel is situated on a quiet, small street, a good walk away from the action of Patong. And even the beach is a decent walk from the hotel.
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