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Elise F
11-09-2012 06:20:47, Canberra
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“Beautiful BYD”

This place was one of three that I stayed in whilst in Phuket and I believe it was the best! While the other places I stayed were good BYD just went above and beyond (for example giving me a gorgeous decorated birthday cake for my birthday)! The staff were amazing, the room was so modern and beautiful I didn't want to leave. Bangala road and the beach were within a very easy walk but were also a good distance away so you could relax and be away from the crowds. Also the cleanliness was unmatched by any place I have ever stayed (including Australia) on a daily basis staff would be always cleaning every area of the hotel. I have and will recomend this to friends and is also top of the list for my accomodation for next time.
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