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28-09-2012 01:18:52, Sydney
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“Great apartment!”

Stayed in July,loved the place! Liked the balconey,the plentyful supply of large towels,the restaurant,the friendliness & location.I am only a coal miner( no degree) I I had no trouble operating the coffee machine(no I don't have one at home). Hey ,I guess if you can't boil water (to make tea),it may be difficult for you.I ate local,cheap, just around the corner also at the retaurant downstairs(loved the style) selection of wines & food good.
I did'nt think it so far off the main road,should be able to hit it with a rock.Close enough to the beach as well, you can google all this but get out & explore. I could reccomend this Hotel/apartment whole heartedly,I would certainly stay again.
1 tip for the management, even though a laundry service is only accross the street,a washing machine or a laundry room would be an asset.
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