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09-10-2012 02:14:55, Sydney
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“2nd Time Around”

My wife and I come to the Phuket area each year for 10 nights and go to 3 dfifferent areas, the last being Patong (mainly for shopping). Last year we spent 3 nights at BYD and discovered all the good things that have been written by others. The best thing about BYD is that in Patong it is a haven from the hustle and bustle. Quiet, friendly and with just the right amount of oppulence that lets everyone feel comfortable.
This year we again spent 3 nights and decided to upgrade to a larger deluxe suite in the main building. It was a great room but as a couple we found the extra space wasnt necessary as the standard deluxe is more than big enough. The restaurant is more expensive than others in the area but it has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the food is very good. We spent the last afternoon in the restaurant, waiting for the hire car to the airport and chilling out on cocktails and nibbles.
If you want that special place at the end of a hard days shopping or nights entertainment, this is the place.
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