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11-10-2012 21:17:18, singapore
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“Forever Byd lofts”

I should have written this review right after my amazing stay with BYD Lofts during the June school holidays this year but has been so busy with the real world !
Phuket is my family's paradise under the sun and BYD Lofts is our paradise home away from home !
We love everything BYD Lofts has to offer .This was our 5th time staying here !
Our 2 bedroom apt was very modern ,well maintained , clean . Plenty of room for my 2 girls to run around without bumping into any furnitures . 2 big bedrooms , 2 bathrooms .The spacious masterbedroom ensuite includes shower stall complete with a big rain shower head as well as a huge bathtub was a big hit with my 2 yr old .
The spacious balcony was a make shift office for husband who still had to work despite being on vacation!
We have never stayed at a hotel that we were just happy to stay in room do nothing but catch up with the latest Korean series , cooked for the girls and not go anywhere just !

Both restaurant & Room service was fast and delicious and reasonably priced.
We tried eating at nearby cafe thinking it was cheaper but we were wrong . It was almost the same price and didn't taste as good as what BYD lofts has to offer.
During our stay last Dec , I commented that I wished there highchairs in the restaurant .
Highchairs were there this year! They really take their guest comments seriously !

We are planing for our next trip to Phuket in Dec already . Our choice of stay is of course with
BYD lofts ! We have found our home away from home !
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