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12-10-2012 03:33:05, Hong Kong
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“back again..great stay”

Went back in September, stay 3 nights.

Again same wonderful experience. Great location on the quiet end of Patong.
Rooms still big and accessible, with kitchen, sitting room and large bathroom with huge bathtub. Also a large balcony with seating for 4.
Nesspresso (like) machine in kitchen and fully stocked fridge at reasonable prices.
Breakfast wasn’t included but only costs 160baht, which is great value.
Free wifi throughout.
Wine Connection next door does great value wines for about 500baht, so grab a bottle before you head to your room.
There are about 4 foot massage places on the same road, which makes it so convenient. They are also extremely cheap at about 250 baht an hour for a foot massage.
Friendly service as always.

Can't go wrong.
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