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19-10-2012 02:28:12, Bangkok
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“Brilliant! Strongly recommend this place.”

We chose BYD Lofts due to the wonderful reviews on Tripadvisor. The reviews are accurate. This is a brilliant place with great service. You can sense the personal attention in the service provided. The room was spacious and clean. Great location as well.

The room we chose came with a very nice bedroom, comfortable living room and spacious kitchen. The balcony was more than what we had expected but the view wasnt that great. The wind made up for it though.

1. Beyond excellent service before we arrived from Alex.
2. Unbelievably great service when we were there
3. Clean
4. Good location
5. Decent breakfast

1. Parking is difficult
2. View from balcony was not that great
3. Blackout for about 1 hour on one of the nights that affected a few buildings
4. Pool was small

Overall, highly recommended! Alex has done a great job.
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