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John m
23-01-2013 02:03:22, New York City
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“The best in Phuket!!”

First I must say that I write this review after a horrible end to my trip in Thailand after a crazy Thai dude sucker punched me in the face and broke my nose in the lobby of my hotel in Pattaya. But that was in Pattaya. In phuket I stayed at two hotels. First it was the Yorkshire Inn for 3 days and then at BYD lofts for 4 days. I must say in terms of location (argumentative if you like the beach or craziness of Patong) Yorkshire Inn is a little more in the middle of the craziness and thus better situated in the middle of patong. But in terms of service, Comfort of rooms, and sheer peacefulness I would take BYD Lofts hands down over any hotel in Patong. You see, after a few days of Partying you need a place to call home and at BYD me and the three guys I was traveling with found that home atmosphere there.
In terms of location, the hotel is located just a few minutes walking to the Beach and we definitely took advantage of some great beach days on our stay.

Let's face it. There are many great hotels in Phuket but I hardly doubt that you can find a hotel with better ownership and management than BYD Lofts. I was fortunate enough to do my booking with one of the owners Alex. Not only I was able to get a great price for the rooms but he was able to accommodate me on almost all the requests that I made, not only before my stay but also during my stay (I should also thank Ms. Beekers the GM for that too).
If you have any doubts about where you want to stay let it be known that BYD Lofts should be the No. 1 hotel on your list.

All of us were so happy about our stay that we feel staying at most other hotels would be a downgrade!

P.S. we also loved the hotel staff specially the waitress in the restaurant "Jessica&quo t;. The hotel also has a great restaurant with reasonable prices that my budget savvy friends and I took advantage of on many breakfast and dinner occasions.

Thank you BYD Lofts for making our trip a memorable one!
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