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30-01-2013 01:25:50, Oslo
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“Beyond Your Dreams (BYD.Lofts)is a fact, thanks wonderful people's”

I have been so lucky to live"home&qu ot; at magic BYD.Lofts for another month for relax and work.The always generous manager Alex was so kind to send his best car to pick me up at the airport with a wonderful Mercedes with cold towels and water, delicious . The driver was most professional and not many are I am afraid. The wonderful staff welcome me like family and they made me feel happy and in harmony as soon they brought me to my suite, witch is created with high style and quality all the way. Every little detail are there and you miss nothing, it's really Beyond Your Dreams and you smile even if you feel tired. The staff is the very best I ever met in the world and I have traveled a lot. The receptionists,drivers,cle aners,the chefs,and bartender and servants that feed us with lovely food , they all care and take good and honest care of you and the Karma of this place is perfect , That's why the people call it Phuket Paradise, I agree ,and with love in your heart, you will understand the honest kindness of the good Buddhist in fantastic Phuket.
I thank you all at BYD.Lofts for your superb service for me and my friends, you are so very helpful always,thanks. I miss you all already and looking forward to see you all next year. You are simply the best. With love & respect your fan and friend G
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