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30-01-2013 01:53:19, Los Angeles, California
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“Why are they so well reviewed?”

I recently stayed at BYD lofts during the busy (and crazy) holidays. I recieved an upgraded limo ride (Mercedes Benz) from the airport, An upgraded room because it was available, friendly and very personal service, excellent reccomendations for stores and restaurants offsite, and pretty much one heck of a great time!

At one point during the stay, my wife had a birthday so we asked the manager for a nice restaurant closer to another beach. She recommended a place, got a cab called and by the time we arrived there, she had called the owner of the place, described how we looked, and got him to greet us with a celebretory toast.

Even the rare mistake by an employee was always made up for and THEN some. BYD lofts is a short 10 min walk from Patong beach but feels like an Oasis away from everything around it. The loft had a full kitchen and balcony, a tv in the living room and the bedroom, safe in the bedroom for your valuables and a nice pool on the top floor along with an on site restaurant and seperate wine store. The views on the top floor cannot be beat as it is so close to the ocean.

Definitely a great find that I'll be happy to return to on future trips to Phuket.
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