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05-02-2013 02:18:31,
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“Overall , probably the best furnished appartments in Patong .”

Pick up limousine service from airport was highly efficient and comfortable and reception was welcoming and helpful . I stayed over 14 nights and experienced rooms on either side of the building . My first room was spacious and had fully modern furniture and kitchen equipment to a high and tasteful standard . My pool access room whilst smaller was similarly equipped but was more overlooked by the appartments opposite which was a negative . Its certainly more private on one side of the building than the other . Location is ideal as its slightly away from the busier streets and the rooftop pool is charming and usually empty . I had a late checkout at 4.30 , usually its 1pm but after an initial wrangle about being charged £130 for an extra 3.5 hours they provided it for free after a management consultation . I would stay here again.
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