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Fekete J
17-02-2013 21:58:26, Basel
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Well, actually we should not write a too excellent review here. So this jewel in Patong would only be known exclusively by a handful of people. But don't let us be too greedy und selfishly. Before I have ever been to BYD I saw the pictures and the description of byd lofts in the internet. But what then happened in reality exceeded my expectations! We have been picked up at the airport by a comfortable Mercedes limousine. What a feeling of relief! Everyone who arrives at Phuket Airport knows what a problem it can be to get a taxi there. Then arriving at the reception of the BYD there was a very friendly and warm welcome. All the staff in the BYD is exceptionally friendly and you feel that you are really welcome. And then the appartment. We had the two bed- and two bathrooms loft with big kitchen and terrace. From the first minute on I was feeling at home! From now on BYD lofts will be my first choice in Phuket.
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