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06-03-2013 04:22:18, Hong Kong
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“2nd year/review + Travel Tips”

RECOMMENDED: 2nd year/review at BYD. Consistent quality in an inconsistent land. Rooms are semi-apartments with plenty of room to relax. It's located in Patong city itself but on a relative quiet side street (so no views). This is a hotel not a resort. Its a 10 minute walk to Patong Beach (there are better see notes). Keeping staff trained is a nightmare in Thailand and happy to report on this 2nd year visit some familiar staff still there. Excellent choice & has my full recommendation.

Dinner - Lim's restaurant is a short 10 min ride away and one of the best restaurants in Patong and fitting to the BYD style.

Massage - Exiting the lobby, turn left and then right to reach the main road, directly across street in 2 story beige building Hanako of Tokyo massage and facial treatments. Reasonable prices and a very nice experience (a < 3 minute from hotel).

Scooter rental - looking out from lobby slightly left is a small laundry and they rent motor scooters in good repair for 300 baht per day and open until midnight for return. Bring your passport as security collateral. Very nice family so be nice too them!

Beach - Laem Singh beach (to the north) is a 30 minute scooter ride (at top of one of the hills, you'll see parking area to right, 20 baht to park scooter). Walk down to the beach. Fantastic restaurant (far left as looking out to sea) and owner spoke great English, best pad thai I've had and very reasonable prices. You can snorkel off the beach (left) or just enjoy swimming (far right).
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