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06-03-2013 04:23:20, London
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This is our second stay at this aparthotel. I can honestly say it gets better and better. For example, today for my birthday I found a beautiful iced cake and some champagne in the lounge and ALL the staff, from cleaners to reception to bar staff have all gone out of their way to wish me happy birthday.

The place is spotless - I watched as the whole bar and restaurant area was thoroughly cleaned, from windows to all shelves, bottles removed, during the afternoon quiet time.

The food is consistently good and the atmosphere in the bar is at times a quiet oasis and at others a lively meeting place with fab musical entertainment. I love wine and always enjoy sitting at the bar sipping a delicious Sauvignon blanc - the wine list is impressive, with wines from all over the world to choose from.

Patong is a bit of a mad resort with something for everyone, literally. However, BYD Lofts is a bit special and to be honest I am hesitant to post this on trip advisor in case it becomes so popular that we can't get booked in next year!
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