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25-03-2013 04:21:32, Middelburg
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“The best place to be”

When I first came across this hotel on Trip Advisor, I was surprised by the uniform excellent reviews. Even more surprising was that I had never heard of this hotel before,
Luckily, I decided to try it out anyway and now understand why everyone raves about this place -- and so do I. The service is absolute first class -- from the moment your arrives here the staff greet you, and whisk your luggage into the lobby. while a friendly professional staff member comes to greet with a nice refreshing juice and cold towels.
We got the Deluxe Suite (most basic room offered) which was spectacular. The website photographs simply do not do the rooms justice. The level of detail and wonderful furnishings from the bathroom to the large fridge and microwave are absolutely exquisite. Someone took a lot of time and attention to detail to get this room right; This room feels like it was designed by people who really care about your comfort and ease of use and know how to do it.
The roof top swimming pool was great and not overcrowded, as was the buffet breakfast all of which we inspected but unfortunately did not have the time to partake in. Our only mistake was in choosing this hotel for a quick overnight stay on our way to Pipi Island . This place deserves a minimum 3 nite stay if not a 3 week stay. Absolute best of all: under $150 a nite for a level of luxury worth double that. If you've ever wondered what life is like staying at a world class 5 Star Luxury hotel, but felt that you could never afford it, I can tell, you I find the place and would recommend the BYD Lofts to all and anyone !
Keep up the great service and no doubt if I come back to Phuket " This will be my place to lay my head down "
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