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Alex r
25-03-2013 04:30:48, Salzburg
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“One of the best Apartments in Padong !”

we found the BYD Lofts great, the only things that not so good:
No Gym :-((( for Apartments like this price selection, a must have is a Gym
The Pool is to small and its close at 8pm ???
and we get only one key for 3 people, thats verry bad !!!!
but the people are verry friendly....
The whole Padong its to expensive, so you pay European price for Thailand Standart....
I think 3 Years more and only Russian people are in Padong and the other Beaches around,
after the Russians, no other People come to Padong :-(((
In a few years, nobody went to Thailand, when Burma open and the other destinations are safe,
its the end for Thailands Tourismes.......
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