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29-03-2013 05:22:46, Markham
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“A touch of respite from the din and the noise”

Modern, clean, sleek...the exact opposite of the neighbourhood and general chaos of the overall area. When you come inside and the rooms especially, you can feel the transformation...almost an insulation from the feel of everything outdoors.

There are a few things that I'm not a fan of....the views consist of other close by buildings and alleyways, and there are glass floors and glass stairs in the lobby running up to the second floor....I'm having a hard time with them sober, I'd be afraid to walk them drunk!

Had the buffet breakfast this morning, that was a little weird. Lots of lunch foods available, probably about half of it would have been better for lunch....and eggs are made to order so plan ahead if you want to eat everything at the same time. Not bad food though.

The location is awesome....a 5 minute walk to a good beach which in Patong is not bad at all. The hotels I saw that were on the main road right across from the beach did not look anywhere near as nice as this one.

This is a boutique hotel so almost no amenities....tiny rooftop pool, nice indoor/outdoor restaurant, and a wine shop on site, but otherwise it's all about the rooms and location and it scores well in those areas.
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