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28-05-2013 04:32:45, Dubai
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“4 days chilling!”

I went to Phuket with the sole purpose of chilling and relaxing - basically, to do nothing! Having been to Phuket many times before, and stayed at a number of places in Patong and also Surin, I decided to go for something different. Having cancelled two earlier trips in Aug12 and Feb13, this trip was overdue! I decided to 'pamper' ; myself and also find somewhere less busy than the major hotels in town.

BYD was a great choice! The room was superb, the staff were all very friendly and cheerful. Service was excellent and the flexibility of the kitchen second to none - I lived in Thailand for 8 years previously and know what I like to eat, and much of this was not on the (undertsandably) 'westernised& ;#039; menu. Khun Sim made sure that very dish I asked for was delivered in a matter of minutes - and the taste was good, traditional and spicy!

I would say this is a great place for singles or couples who want to chill, have a little bit of luxury and also (if you want it) the madness of Patong just close by, but far enough away that it is not seen or heard when you are on your balcony sipping an ice cold beer! I will be back, and next time I am taking my fiancee too!
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